Quilvest CEO Matthias Jenzer
20 Jan 2022

Quilvest Retrieves Swiss Family Office Arm

This article appeared on the swiss news site finews.ch

Sprawling financial group Quilvest wants to reinforce its standing in Switzerland for wealthy families. It is reorganizing its business and naming a new CEO. 

Quilvest, part of the German-Argentinian Bemberg family’s financial group, wants to reinforce its standing in Switzerland as a multi-family office. As a result, it has taken full control of Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd., and retrieves the arm of the Swiss Family Office it said in an emailed statement on Monday.

The Swiss branch was long simply the family office of the Bembergs – the family made their money mainly in breweries. In recent years, Quilvest has mutated into a specialized multi-family office.

CIO Becomes CEO

Until now, it has been part of Luxembourg-based Quilvest Wealth Management. Another stakeholder, Vauban, sold the equity it holds indirectly in the Swiss vehicle back to Quilvest.

Long-time CIO takes over as CEO

Matthias Jenzer (pictured above) will oversee the Swiss repositioning as CEO. He has been Quilvest’s investment chief in Switzerland since 2001.