Mobile Banking: Automation Leaves Space for Visions

Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. proudly presents its enhanced Mobile Banking app. The update was released only ten months after the app’s initial launch in March 2021. The release of this version of the Mobile Banking app reflects Quilvest’s commitment to further digitalise its services. Subsequent releases are planned for 2022.

QVS Mobile App

With the new enhanced Mobile Banking app, Quilvest is strengthening its role as its clients’ sparring partner, even when they’re on the go.

Up to now, the app has included the following features:

Secure Login photo

Secure Login

Portfolio and performance overview photo

Portfolio and performance overview

Transaction overview photo

Transaction overview

Secure chat with the client relationship manager photo

Secure chat with the client relationship manager

“This app release showed me once again how difficult it is to make complex services easy to use for clients. The carefully considered smart rule sets bring new standards to mobile banking apps.”

Simon Gassmann - CIO

The new release is a huge step forward in terms of smart rules and easy international money transfer management.

New Features

The following features are integrated into the app: secure login, automated money transfer functionalities, smart automation and easy-to-access options for contacting the client relationship manager.

Strengthened Secure Login

Security and convenience were our guiding principles when developing the app. This is why the newly released version of the mobile banking app supports automatic switching between the QVS Access and QVS Mobile apps – to ensure smooth and intuitive login. Clients can use either their PIN, facial authentication or fingerprint.

Money Transfer Made Easy

The app offers the option to make payments and money transfers conveniently and easily, all in the palms of our clients’ hands. If there are any missing details, an innovative help button uses automation to guide users through the payment process.

Powerful Scanner

The convenient scanning functionality can easily recognise payment slips and processes the payment automatically. Users can scan with any mobile orientation. The app can detect the code with ease.

Account to Account Transfers Made Easy

The app uses prefilled transaction references for each repetitive payment. This frees up more creative time and space for our clients to pursue their entrepreneurial challenges and other interests. In addition, previous payments can be reused.

Approve Mobile Banking Payments Securely

The additional Quilvest Security app, the Access app, ensures that transactions remain secure and are always approved by our clients. They get an overview of their payments, and this frees them from having to worry about their financial transactions. Both apps feature intuitive navigation, making them fast and easy to use.

Have an Overview

The screen size does not limit the level of information available to clients. Users choose how deep they would like to drill down to obtain the information they care about – performance figures, liquidity levels, currencies, latest transactions, various account overviews, portfolios and more.

Optimised Help

The app recognises when the user might get lost and provides a quick link to the client relationship manager, either via a safe chat function or by phone. It is up to the user.

Digital Transformation Journey

These developments demonstrate the great strides Quilvest has made in its continuing journey of digital transformation. The newly designed processes reflect the digital way of working. Quilvest will stay on this path by integrating credit cards and stock exchange operations into the Mobile app next year. The goal remains to provide high-class services to our customers and be their preferred financial partner, integrating convenience and sustainability.


Secure login for your Mobile Banking

One providing access and the other one for mobile banking.
Quilvest Access app icon

QVS Access

Provides secure access to Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd.’s banking platform using your biometrics or a PIN.

Quilvest Mobile app icon

QVS Banking

Our highly secure Mobile Banking app lets you stay on top of business finances on the move using your biometrics or a PIN.