Exclusive Swiss Banking at your Fingertips

Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. is a boutique licensed Swiss Bank, regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), and a member of the Swiss Bankers Association.

Our clients benefit from having a bonafide Swiss bank account that features a broad range of services including…

Digital Platforms

Keeping up with Times

We provide the tools you need to stay on top of things wherever you are.

Timely easy-to-read reporting

Mobile application for E-Banking.

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Woman holding her mobile phone with active Quilvest app in her hands.

Our experienced advisors tailor-make investment strategies to suit each individual client. Compare our Investment Services to see what makes sense for your portfolio. 

Wealth Consolidation Reporting

Managing Wealth with Ease

Modern Arcitecture Building in Basel, Switzerland

Family Wealth Review

  • Report tracks the evolution of family wealth, including relevant holdings, donations, successions and liquidity events.
  • Also offers monitoring and review of all family assets.

Data-Aggregation Tool

  • Consolidates family wealth including all asset classes across multiple jurisdictions and booking centers.
  • Detailed Private Equity reporting incl. overview by Vintage, Capital Calls and Distributions.

Cash Flow Management

  • Report is organized by historical cash-flows including private expenses.
  • Report projects investment cash-flows over a multi-year horizon.


Return Analysis

  • Report features "slicing and dicing" of realized returns by asset class, manager, and invested funds versus relevant benchmarks.

Fee Monitoring & Arbitrage

  • Report demonstrates how leveraging Quilvest’s (Switzerland) Ltd. know-how of industry standards, results in the best possible terms for our clients with third-party providers, custodian banks and financial managers.

Credits: Photo #01 Architect: Aurelio Galfetti. Ulyssee, Multi purpose building, Lausanne, 1990 – 1993 – Photo #2 Architects: Herzog & de Meuron. Messe Basel, exhibition site, “City Lounge”, Basel, 2010 – 2013