Wealth Planning

Your Wealth is in Good Hands

Fiduciary Services, Client Accounting and Administration Services are provided by fully-owned subsidiaries of Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd.

We provide expertise in estate planning and in structuring and management of domestic and global assets, to achieve a smooth succession of your wealth from one generation to the next.

The quality and the value of our services arise from our longstanding and extensive practical experience with Wealth Planning issues that wealthy families and individuals face.

To meet our clients’ needs and demands in Switzerland and abroad, we work closely with local tax and legal advisors, as well as a variety of professionals from different disciplines in the areas of taxation, corporate law, capital markets, trusts and civil law. Making sure their wealth is in good hands.

Estate Planning

Proactive Planning on behalf of Future Generations

With empathy and care, our specialists help you with long-term estate planning.

This ensures effective preservation of wealth, efficient family governance, continuity of family businesses and equitable distribution of funds to future generations.

We tailor our services to our clients’ specific needs, taking into account today’s mobile environment and the cross-border succession issues that commonly arise as a result.

Our services range from recommendations regarding the structuring of client assets and procuring legal and tax advice from the best independent professionals in any given jurisdiction, to setting up complex asset-holding structures and providing family office services to high net worth families.

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Can you ensure proper wealth management for future generations?

Can I ensure proper wealth management for future generations?

Family Governance

We Have the Expertise to Look After your Family Affairs

In close collaboration with legal and tax professionals, we advise our clients how to create and manage a lasting family governance structure with the goal of preserving family unity, net worth and business ownership.

By setting up the proper structures and rules, we encourage the entrepreneurial skills of the next generation, which enable long-term success of the greater family far beyond short-term goals. Our experts help you formulate family and business goals that safeguard family members, bring together divergent interests and ensure a smooth and harmonious succession.



- Structuring of family
owned companies
- Definition of family members' roles & responsibilities



- Culture, Principles & Values
- Family Agreements
- Charter and Shareholder Agreements  



- Investment Policy Statements
- Private Investment Committees
- Wealth Consolidation Reports

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Strategic Tax Planning International

Project Managers

As financial professionals, we do not provide legal or tax advice. But much rather we act as your Project Managers. Relying on our global network of accountants and attorneys who have specific expertise in international tax planning matters. From years of hands-on experience, we are well positioned to get the best advice from top legal experts on behalf of our clients.

Is your wealth structured efficiently?

Strategic Tax Planning

A Beautiful Home in Switzerland

We support pre-immigration restructuring, by coordinating all relevant matters with professionals in the relevant jurisdictions, assessing appropriate asset holding structures and coordinating the negotiation of a lump-sum taxation agreement.

In this context, our clients benefit from our strong network of legal and tax professionals, whose expertise is critical for providing comprehensive relocation and taxation solutions.

While reviewing investments we take all relevant facets into consideration including the Swiss control calculation.

Once you have decided to relocate to Switzerland, our comprehensive concierge services can assist you in finding the right home in the right neighbourhood.

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Can we help plan and implement your relocation?
Trusts & Companies

Trusted Advisors and Meticulous Administrators

Is my family’s wealth properly structured?

Setting up a trust, forming a foundation or incorporating a family-owned company is a complex process. Drawing on our expertise we recommend the most efficient structures for our clients according to legal jurisdiction and the particular family requirements. Providing complete end-to-end service is a given. Including drafting and reviewing the necessary documentation, procuring the appropriate legal opinions from top attorneys and creating the optimal structure in the most cost-effective way possible.

Once the structure is established, we provide regular monitoring and support services, including ongoing updates of relevant legislation that might affect the taxation and financial advantages of the structure.

Is my family’s wealth properly structured?


Foster Enduring Family Values

Philanthropy establishes a legacy, supports family values, provides educational experiences and fosters family unity while striving towards a common goal.

Together with legal and tax professionals, we advise on, establish and administer the appropriate structures for Swiss and other non-profit foundations. Our clients use these foundations to engage in charitable causes that reflect their family values and work towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as defined by the UN.

Define your motivation:

Leaving a Legacy

- Creating an impact on the long run.
- Building a family effort, inherited across generations.
- Contributing to environmental protection, technical innovation or clean energy.

Contributing to Society

- Giving human rights a voice and a place within society.
- Making biases visible and working towards diversity, inclusion and equality.
- Developing global education systems for equal chances.

Standing up for Values

- Encouraging the preservation of culture and beauty to make it accessible for years to come.
- Fighting malnutrition.
- Building strong global public health initiatives.

What is the impact of your family legacy?

Residency Planning

Turn your Home into a Castle

We assist international clients contemplating a change of residency for personal or professional reasons. This may involve pre-immigration restructuring, coordinating all relevant matters with professionals in a particular jurisdiction, assessing appropriate real estate holding structures, or coordinating the negotiation of a lump-sum taxation agreement in Switzerland. In this context, our clients benefit from our strong network of legal and tax professionals, whose expertise is an integral part of our services.


Are you thinking of changing residency?

Our specialists help you find the best possible location for your next home, considering multiple facets of your particular situation including:

Economic constraints

Political stability

Taxation policy

Schools and educational requirements

Healthcare systems

By making your future home your castle, we ensure that both your professional and family needs are addressed.

Our Concierge Services help you find a home and all you need.

Ancillary Services

Caring for your Most
Precious Assets

In close collaboration with outside counsel, we advise and assist our clients in the acquisition or sale of unique assets such as private jets, yachts, works of art and real estate. Likewise, together with outside counsel, we assist in the preparation of contracts and other legal documents required for our clients’ professional and personal affairs.

Can we assist in handling your precious assets?

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