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Intergenerational wealth has a long-term investment horizon which makes it suitable for investments with limited liquidity and higher yields.  We try to get the best possible investments for our clients by offering exclusive asset classes in private markets, usually reserved for institutional investors.

Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. is considered a thought leader in offering innovative and comprehensive investment solutions. We combine the liquidity and cyclical attributes of traditional markets with the unique risk/return characteristics of private markets, all tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our vision for success is based on a top-down driven assessment of the market, in conjunction with best-in-class selection of private market opportunities.

We offer an internationally diversified and sophisticated investment portfolio that includes exclusive access to liquid and private assets.

We are committed to finding and managing these unique opportunities in a consistent and prudent manner.

Our Private Market Investments include private equity, private debt and real estate.

Our independence in selecting the best possible opportunity is based on an “open architecture” approach that considers different types of investments and provides a transparent return-driven framework for your assets. Across all investment classes, we offer dedicated bespoke solutions as well as managed mandates and provision of external and internal bookings.

Our Philosophy

Know-How in Managing Complex Family Wealth

Balancing the desire to preserve wealth through generations, while considering the income needs and goals of future generations, can be quite challenging and requires careful planning for success in the short and long term.

These complex conditions influence key decisions and investment strategies. Each issue must be assessed and addressed individually, from a fiduciary and legal perspective. These long-term parameters define the management strategies of substantial wealth, and help to smooth the transition of responsibility from one generation to the next.

Family wealth is intergenerational, which makes for a complex array of stakeholders with varying degrees of shared values and interests. We have profound know-how in solving individual problems for our clients. Our customized wealth strategies with institutional quality criteria, help our clients achieve their investment and wealth management goals.

Is my wealth efficiently structured?
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Bespoke Investment Solutions

Multi-Asset Investments

Our investment specialists provide investors with personalized professional advice, tailored to their experience, needs and requirements. Our approach gives you all the information and advice you need, but lets you make the actual investment decisions.

We design and operate bespoke multi-asset investment strategies based on each client’s unique objectives. Our extensive network and expertise across all asset classes enables us to assist in finding the right instruments for each strategy.

Reconciling several stakeholders’ viewpoints is a balancing act. Having well-structured investment governance in place with private family investment councils, helps address this challenge and avoid many legal and family problems. 

We offer a variety of concepts, structures and governance bodies that address these issues, increase returns, avoid conflict and foster family unity. Tailored for entrepreneurs and well-established families

Can our investment solutions help your family succeed?

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Are Managed Mandates the right structure for managing your wealth?

Managed Mandates

Spend Time Pursuing Your Goals

Managed Mandates allow you to delegate management of your investments to our specialists. They apply their expertise to customize your strategy and constantly monitor and adjust your portfolio based on our tactical views.

We implement solutions on a case-by-case basis relying on our domain experts with best-in-class products and a well-defined consistent investment process.

Our experience across different asset classes and single-asset strategies allows us to offer exclusive investment opportunities with attractive performance prospects and limited risk.

After setting up the appropriate structure, Investment Governance can be put in place through a written Investment Policy Statement. From there, easy-to-read reports and periodic reviews help keep you up to date and on top of your portfolio.


Risk Assessment

Best-in-class products

Private Market investment opportunities

Analysis of investors' risk profile Client-specific adjustments



Development of strategy

Building a portfolio

Consistent process from asset allocation to investment selection



Timely delivered easy-to-read reports help you stay on top of your bespoke investment portfolio

Private Market

Pioneer and
Thought Leader

Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. is a pioneer and thought leader in Private Market investments, having made our first private equity investment in 1972 and our first hedge fund investment in 1980.

Today, Private Market investments are still at the core of our asset allocation strategy. Our in-house experts have in-depth knowledge in Leveraged Buy-Outs, Private Debt and Real Estate. Based on longstanding know-how, we customize portfolios for our clients, based on specific long-term objectives and requirements.

In close collaboration with our sister company Quilvest Capital Partners, with offices in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong, we leverage their expertise to bring our clients Private Market opportunities on a broad international scale.

Can Private Market investments add value to your portfolio?

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Unique Advantages

Quilvest Capital Partners

Quilvest Capital Partners is the alternative investment arm of the Quilvest Group. Today, with more than 60 professionals, Quilvest Capital Partners manages approximately $ 6 billion of alternative assets from six offices across the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our business units include: Direct Private Equity, Funds & Co-Investments, Real Estate and Private Debt.

Principal Co-Investment

Bringing long-term value to the Bemberg Family estate is one of our core responsibilities. As Quilvest Capital Partners’ founding family and sole shareholder, we are usually one of the largest investors in the majority of our programs, ensuring that our capital is invested right alongside that of our clients.

As co-investors, our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients and we pride ourselves on the fact that our incentives are based on performance – not management fees.

Disciplined Approach

Our commitment to thorough due diligence results in a portfolio of top profile investments across diverse strategies, geographies and opportunities.

Our programs are designed to allow maximum flexibility in terms of the amount and pace of capital deployment, while maintaining a strict and disciplined investment policy. We are dedicated to getting the best possible opportunities – even if they are located in remote markets – rather than settle for lower returns for our clients.

Pioneering Strategies

In addition to participating in some of the first alternative investments ever made in private equity (1972), hedge funds (1980) and royalties (1996), we continue to develop creative and forward-thinking strategies, such as our recent Quilvest Club Fund II (2019).

We believe in a flexible investment strategy that can respond quickly to investor needs and changing market conditions, with the ability to seize opportunities as they present themselves in the market.

Responsible Investment

Corporate, environmental and social responsibility have always been part of Quilvest’s DNA.

In 2016, Quilvest Capital Partners decided to further strengthen its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating by joining the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Association, a leading advocate for social responsibility in the investment community.

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