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The success of Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. is due to our diverse team of financial professionals who are acknowledged as leaders in global finance. We offer a broad range of Wealth Planning strategies based on the right combination of innovation and conservation. Emphasis on Performance, Independence and Partnerships reflects the core values of our management team.

Our continuing commitment to opening up new investment opportunities, wherever they may be, enables breakthroughs in alternative asset management strategies and increases returns for our clients as part of a comprehensive Wealth Management solution.

Fiduciary Services, Client Accounting and Administration Services are provided by fully owned subsidiaries of Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd.

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Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd.

Board of Directors
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Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Board Member

Board Member

Executive Committee

Head of Client Relationship Management

Chief Information Officer

Client Relationship Management​

Our personalized approach comes along with our commitment to reliability and accountability. As a team of seasoned financial professionals, we have years of experience providing comprehensive wealth management services to well established families and successful entrepreneurs.

We pride ourselves on being active listeners who seek to understand your objectives while ensuring the utmost discretion and privacy. Our services help to simplify wealth administration and find the best investment solutions according to your specific requirements. We use the latest technologies to make sure we maintain close relationships with our clients.

At Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd., your Client Relationship Manager is your sparring partner – challenging you when required but always focused on finding ways for you to win.

Head of Client Relationship Management

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Deputy Head of Client Relationship Management


Chief Investment Officer


Family Office Uruguay S.A.

CEO, Family Office Uruguay S.A.

Deputy CEO, Family Office Uruguay S.A.

Quilvest Services
Board of Directors, Quilvest Services Ltd.
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Board Member – Quilvest Services Ltd.

Board Member – Quilvest Services Ltd.

CEO, Quilvest Services Ltd.

Family Message

The Wealth Management Platform

Apply careful planning to keep your fortune. 

Every family, looking to its future, hopes to confer advantages that are more than just material and financial. The aim is to inculcate character and leadership, to inspire creativity and enterprise, to help all family members find and follow their individual callings.

Today with the help of Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd., the Bemberg family’s human, intellectual and financial capital – the total sum of our family wealth – has increased and sustains family unity.

In the course of enhancing our family’s fortune for decades, Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. has developed a unique wealth management platform and range of specialized tools.  We have made these important resources available for the benefit of other families with similar issues, needs and affinities – either directly or as the basis for advice on specific aspects of wealth management.

We hope that by offering the services of Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. to others, that seven generations of good fortune in one family can contribute to the enduring success of many others.


Performance, Independence, Partnership


Achieving superior long-term financial performance by following a highly disciplined investment process that takes into consideration both liquid and private market assets.


Providing wealth management services with an open approach to alternative investments, using a best-in-class methodology, designed specifically to avoid conflicts of interest.


Granting access to our unique wealth management platform, including exclusive long-term investment opportunities for well-established families and individuals, who share the same goals and aspirations as the founding shareholders.


Centuries-Long Experience, Adapted to our Times

Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. was founded in 1932 by Otto Federico Peter Bemberg. His initial goal was to manage the wealth of the extended Bemberg family, who initially made their fortune from a beverage company they started in 1888.

Since its beginnings in Zurich, Quilvest has become a family wealth management provider on an international scale. While the firm still manages the Bemberg family estate, Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. has extended its services providing wealth planning, trust management and sophisticated investment solutions to a select number of qualified families, individual entrepreneurs and selected private institutions.


Strengthening of Private Equity Advisory Team


Swiss Banking License granted to Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd.


Acquisition of Peñaflor, one of the largest international wine conglomerates, by the Bemberg Family


Full divestment from Quilmes Industrial S.A. (Quinsa) by the Bemberg Family


Opening of the the Quilvest Private Equity platform to external investors


Quilvest Switzerland extends services to non-family members


First Royalties investment


First Hedge Fund investment


First Private Equity investment


Launch of US merchant banking activity


Quilvest Switzerland Wealth Management & Family Office founded in Zurich


Quilmes Industrial S.A. (Quinsa) listed on the Paris Stock Exchange


The Quilmes Brewery founded by the Bemberg Family in Argentina