Market Perspective 2021 - Webinar
20 Jan 2022

Webinar Market Perspective 2021

Soon we will turn the page on 2020, undeniably a historic year in every context.
A year which however is poised to herald impending seismic shifts to our society, economy and financial markets.

A good moment to look ahead with our Market Perspective 2021. You get to choose your focus as we offer two webinars. 


Quilvest believes that every generation has their interests and priorities. As a leading multi-family office, it is of the utmost importance to accompany each generation on their investment journey and tend to their specific wealth management needs.

We offer two different Webinar options, tailored to the individual needs, time horizons, interests and levels of investor proficiency.

Let’s explore together some key topics which will dominate investment decisions for the months – potentially years to come. Will our new behaviour patterns stay for longer and leave a lasting footprint on lifestyles and consumption? Will a circular economy become mainstream? How do financial markets adjust to these changes?

Market Perspective 2021 – Next Generation Leaders

A webinar tailored for investors with less experience or those who challenge conventional wisdom. It also includes topics such as new technologies and how to foster a world of equal opportunity. 

Tuesday, 15th of December  December 2020

Market Perspective 2021 – Experienced Investor

This webinar is for proficient investors with significant experience in financial markets.

Wednesday, 16th of December 2020

Building Ulysse Lausanne

Contact us for the respective dial-in information. We look forward to the exchange with you.

- Roger Frey and Matthias Jenzer

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Credits: Photo #01 – Architect: Aurelio Galfetti. Ulyssee, Multi purpose building in Lausanne, 1990 – 1993